Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tomlin Press Conference Week 3

Before the presser started Tomlin rubbed his eyes like he'd been in a cave and remarked that he'd "been in dark rooms all day" watching tape. This affected his temperament. Coach was a little grumpier than usual and it got pretty sweet pretty quick.

Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, Rashard Mendenhall and Stevenson Sylvester are all on the day by day approach. Disturbingly, Tomlin said that Jonathan Dwyer has turf toe. Like any injury, there are degrees of severity. But if you live in Pittsburgh and you utter the words "turf toe" in a bar full of old dudes, undoubtedly, one of them will say...

For real though, that will happen. Also making the list are Marcus Gilbert with a groin strain and Heath Miller who has some separated rib cartilage, which sounds horrifyingly painful. Those might miss practice early this week but should be available for Sunday.

Alright... it's back...

The Jory Report
Each week, without fail, KDKA's Jory Rand does his best to dick Tomlin off at his weekly presser. Fortunately, I am there to document these hilarious exchanges.

After two seriously lackluster weeks, I'm glad to finally have something worthy to report.

[the room is awkwardly silent, and the question and answer session is about up]
PR Guy: Anything else for coa-
Jory, [sheepishly]: Mike, I hate to bring it up, but the replacement officials are a big story again this wee-
Tomlin, [death stare out of hell]: Yet, you do it anyway.
Jory: Well, it became an issue agai-
Tomlin, [reporters laughing, Tomlin showing no reaction other than shear agitation]: Yet, you bring it up anyway. That's not my wheelhouse. I don't get paid to evaluate them. My job is to evaluate our players. 


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